Curly Parsley Lingot®
Curly Parsley Lingot®
Curly Parsley Lingot®
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Curly Parsley Lingot®

The curly parsley has a delicate taste with a peppery note. It is delicious raw for seasoning mayonnaise, herb butters, potatoes or even sauces for raw vegetables.

Certified Organic seeds

Sprouts in
Sprouts in:1-2 weeks
Sprouts in
Ready in:3-4 weeks
Sprouts in
Harvest in:3-4 months


Our Véritable® Gardens have a 2 year warranty.

All Lingots® have a satisfied or exchange guarantee!

More About LINGOTS®

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Ready-To-Use Refills

- Pre-seeded with organic seeds

- Integrated soil-less media

- Essential growth nutrient integrated

- LINGOTS® must be inserted in the Véritable® garden growing baskets

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100% Natural

- Natural soil-less media exclusively composed of peat and coconut fiber

- Organic or untreated seeds. GMO-free warranty.

- LINGOT® is fully compostable and biodegradable.

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More Than 70 Species To Grow

- The Véritable® LINGOT® collection is the widest range of refills on the indoor garden market:

- Classic aromatic herbs

- Original aromatic herbs

- Mini fruits & mini vegetables

- Greens

- Edible flowers

- Asian flavors

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4 to 6 Months of Bountiful Harvest

- Véritable selects and tests its seeds to guarantee bountiful harvests.

- Quality of crops suitable for culinary use.

- Each parameter is optimized according to each plant specie: seed spacing, seeding depth, choice of species, soil-less media composition.

100% satisfaction badge

Guaranteed Success Satisfied or Exchanged

- Véritable® LINGOT® guarantee ensures optimum germination for a perfect user experience.

- If a Lingot® does not sprout properly, Véritable® will exchange or refund it (please refer to warranty conditions).


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Ryan T.
United States United States

I order 4 lingots

The Chives and Parsley are not doing well. Only one sprout from each. Further, the stalks on the them, plus the cilantro are very weak. No, I am not over watering. Now, after about a month, mold is forming on the top. Again, no I did not overwater.

Emma H.
United States United States

Bad seed

It took almost two months before one seed sprouted. It would appear none of the others are going to.

Susan S.
United States United States

Only one cell of the curly parsley grew

Disappointing. Ive grown other Lingot parsley and it flourished. This one was a dud.

Thomas V.
United States United States

At your fingertips

The parsley, picked fresh, is used in many of our recipes. No store trips, handling store products, pesticides, NADA. Just fresh parsley in the kitchen.