Here are the most frequently asked questions to the Véritable® Customer Service.

If you can't find a solution in the following list, do not hesitate to contact us

My Lingot® did not sprout, what can I do?

In spite of the performances of our apparatuses and the care which we bring to the manufacture of Lingots®, it can arrive that certain seeds do not develop correctly because they are living products. It should be known that the natural rate of germination of seeds varies between 65 and 95%. It is thus impossible for us to guarantee you a germination at 100%. However, we voluntarily planted more seeds than it is necessary in each Lingot® in order to obtain a good proportion of plants which arrive at maturity.

To ensure you a maximum satisfaction, we offer a guarantee "satisfied or exchanged" on all our Lingots®.

When and how do I clean my Véritable® garden?

We recommend that you clean your Véritable® garden every 4 to 6 months, which is when you renew your Lingots®. 

You can clean the tank and lid by hand with soapy water and a soft sponge. If your water is hard, use hot white vinegar to descale it.

Never immerse the tank, light poles or power adapter in water.

The Lingot® baskets and float can be placed in the dishwasher, taking care to remove the irrigation wicks first.

How do I set the light cycle?

The light turns on every day at the time you first plugged in your Véritable® garden.

Ex: If you plug it in at 7:00 am, it will turn on at 7:00 am every morning and turn off at 11:00 pm.

My plants have flowers but no fruit, why?

Indoors, bees and other insects are not present to pollinate your flowers as they would be in nature. Moreover, the air flow in your home may not be enough to transport the pollen from the stamen to the pistil (in your Véritable® plants, these two parts are contained in the same flower).

It is therefore necessary to manually pollinate your flowers!

Don't worry, it's very simple! To know all the tricks, please refer to our article: "Manual pollination of flowers in your indoor garden".

There is moss/mildew on my Lingots®, is this normal?

For the stains in the holes of the Lingots®: it is not mold but clay to maintain the seeds in the Lingot®. This is perfectly normal.

White fluff or green moss: This can happen during the germination phase and during the first 2 months of growth. This phenomenon, very common in organic soilless agriculture, also depends on the atmosphere of your room (temperature/humidity). This is perfectly normal and does not prevent the growth of your plants. Do not fill the tank above the maximum level.

There are insects in my plants, what can I do?

Lingots® are made from a natural pasteurized substrate which guarantees the absence of harmful insects.

If you find insects in your plants, they have spread from other indoor or outdoor plants. Some insects are not harmful to your plants, but they can quickly multiply if you don't take action. Here's how to fight these pests naturally:

Solution #1 (most effective): biological control agents (e.g., Nematodes against the potting fly, Chrysopes against aphids and thrips).

Solution n°2: non-toxic insecticidal soap (or prepare a home-made recipe).

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to treat all the other plants in your house. Always rinse your crops before eating them if you have treated them. If the infestation is too important, it is wiser to harvest all your plants and clean your unit with dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. Wait a few days and then start again with 4 new Lingots®.

How do I replace my Lingot®?

When your Lingot® reaches the end of its cycle, take the basket out of your garden.

Pinch the basket and turn it upside down to extract your plant more easily.

You can then repot outside, compost or throw your plant in the garbage.

After washing, simply put a set of wicks and a new Lingot® in your basket.

Why is my garden blinking when there is water?

The problem may be the magnet at the bottom of the tank: it may be stuck or blocked by plant roots.

-> Remove the cap above the magnet at the bottom of the tray and check that the magnet floats freely. Clean your magnet, and place it back in its place, round disc up and push the cap over it.

It should work again! If not, please contact our customer service.

My garden did not warn me that it lacked water

You indicate a potential malfunction of your water level alarm.

The low water alarm is triggered when there is only 4 to 6 mm of water left in the tank.

Caution: The float that tells you the maximum water level does NOT tell you the low water level. Do not rely on its height to determine the low level in your tank.

For your information, here is the average watering autonomy during the life cycle of the Lingots®: 

- New Lingots®: 4 weeks

- Up to 1 month: 2 to 3 weeks

- After 1 month: 1 to 2.5 weeks (depending on the species and the temperature of your home).

If your water level is lower than 4 mm and your alarm has still not been triggered, it is because the magnet that captures this level is blocked.

To remedy this quickly: 

- Remove the basket n° 3 (for the Véritable®): at the bottom of the tank, remove the cap above the magnet and check that the magnet floats freely in its housing. (see p.1 of the manual to know its location).

If the magnet is blocked, remove it, check for roots underneath and replace it in the right direction (white dot up). Replace the cap by pressing firmly on it.


- Remember to descale your tank regularly with hot white vinegar because the lime in your water can interfere with the proper floating of the magnet. Ideally, this should be done every 6 months.

- When your plants are mature, check also that there are no roots or dead leaves that would have been lodged in this place.

The lamps do not light up

Check that the adapter is plugged into a working outlet and that the power cord is securely connected behind the tank.

Check that the light poles are properly connected: remove and firmly reinsert the 2 light poles all the way to the bottom.

The lamps flash rapidly

This may be a power failure. Contact our Customer Service Department to replace this part

The lights flash slowly

If the water tank is empty: fill the water tank.

If the garden is placed on a metal surface, move the garden to a non-metal surface as this will interfere with the water level magnet.

The water level magnet may be blocked. Remove the cap and magnet and check that the magnet is floating properly. At least every 6 months: remove scale and roots

The top of my plant has "burned"

The plant is too close to the light. Move the lamp up or prune the plant. Don't forget to prune and harvest regularly!

My tomatoes are not ripening/the leaves are yellowing

The ripening phase is quite long for tomatoes. Your tomatoes will stay green for a while and then they will start to turn red all of a sudden (usually after 2.5 to 3 months). Make sure they have good access to light by pruning nearby plants. 

As explained in our instructions, when the tomato plant starts to bear fruit, it is normal for the leaves to turn yellow and dry out as the plant focuses its energy and sap on developing fruit.

Some important tips:

- Cut off dead leaves to further concentrate energy toward the fruit, provide maximum light for ripening tomatoes and maintain a healthy garden.

- Also remember to prune leaves that would shade neighboring plants as soon as necessary.

- As soon as the tomatoes are too heavy and start to bend their branches, support your plants with small stakes (e.g. Chinese pegs, skewers).

- Harvest your tomatoes gradually as soon as some of them reach maturity. This encourages the plant to produce new ones.

Why don't my plants produce flowers?

Several factors can influence:

Lack of darkness: plants need a daily night phase to produce flowers. If your garden is placed in a room that receives light (natural or artificial), program your garden to be in darkness at least 8 hours a day.

Not enough light: You must prune your plants so that they stay under the light and do not shade each other.

Unsuitable room temperature. Move your garden to a warmer or cooler room depending on the species.

E.g.: tomatoes, peppers and chillies like warmth (21°C to 32°C)

Is my Véritable® garden guaranteed?

Your Véritable® garden is guaranteed for 2 years.

The germination of your Lingots® is also guaranteed: to ensure maximum satisfaction, we offer a "satisfied or exchanged" guarantee on all our Lingots®. 


1) A garden really autonomous, compact, very easy to use and patented. It adapts easily to your interior and the light blinks when you need to refill the water tank. The plant refills are ready to use: you do not need to plant the seeds or add nutrients: everything is already integrated in the Lingot®.

2) The speed of growth and the pronounced flavor of the plants: this is due to our energy-efficient LED grow lights (blue and white) which develops the flavors and accelerates the growth.

3) A large quantity of aromatics and an extended duration of harvest: our Lingots® have a culture surface 3 to 10 times higher and you harvest most of our plants during 4 to 6 months. Which makes them the most economical refills on the market.

4) The possibility of growing 4 plants at the same time while occupying little space on your work plan.

5) Our wide range of plants: currently 30 species (aromatic herbs, baby-vegetables, edible flowers and baby herb salad). We work every day to expand this catalog and always bring you more choices with rare and tasty species.

6) Our 2 independent adjustable lighting poles : they give you the possibility to grow plants of different sizes and at different stages of growth.

7) Our products are made in France, of which 80% within a radius of 200km. Indeed, all Véritable® products are designed, made, assembled, packaged and shipped by French companies. We have carefully chosen the best materials and finishing touches by working with local partners recognized for their know-how.

8) Our products are eco-designed: no unnecessary packaging, recycled and / or recyclable materials, biodegradable and compostable refills, Véritable® works every day to respect these ecological and eco-responsible values.


  • The VERITABLE® garden has 4 slots to receive 4 Lingots®.
  • The EXKY® garden, more compact, has 2 slots to receive 2 Lingots®.


We have two models available in several technologies:

  • The CLASSIC garden can be grown in a room little exposed to the sun.
  • The SMART garden adapts to any room: it automatically modulates the intensity of its lighting according to the ambient light, to bring the right amount of light to the plants and thus guarantee optimal growth. 
  • The CONNECT garden uses the SMART lighting system. It also has a dedicated mobile app that allows you to follow the evolution of your plants or choose your lighting mode. 


Your garden is delivered with all the accessories for an immediate start:

1) The Véritable® or Exky® garden

2) 2 or 4 ready to use Lingots®: to find out the Lingot® kit included, go to the product page.

3) The power supply adapted to your country (100-240V).

4) The user manual


The Véritable® Garden is very energy efficient, it consumes 11W when lights on. This represents 64kWh of electricity per year (approx. cost of 11 euros per year). This is 3 times less than your Internet Box.

It operates on power supply, with a 15V adapter 100-240 V, 50-60Hz (no battery).


1 / It enables to cultivate at home healthy plants without GMOs, without any pesticides, fungicides or other harmful treatments to man and the environment.

2 / It uses water with precision. The automatic irrigation system allows the plant to use the water according to its needs, without losing a drop!

3 / Thanks to its energy-efficient LED grow lights, it is very energy efficient and consumes only 11W, or approx. 10 euros of electricity per year.

4 / Lingots® (refills) are compostable and biodegradable.

5 / The packaging is printed with vegetable inks and is recyclable. No superfluous packaging is used.

6 / Choosing the Véritable® garden is a choice for a local and responsible consumption without any transport, because the producer is YOU !


The Véritable®garden is completely quiet because it does not use a pump but a watering system by capillarity called "passive hydroponics".


When the water level of the reservoir is low, the LEDs of the garden blink slowly to warn you.

To fill the reservoir: pour the water into the central hole of the garden until the float rises and closes this hole (2L are needed to fill the reservoir of a Véritable®, 1L for an Exky®).

As soon as you start filling the reservoir, the garden stops blinking and turns back on normally (blue and white fixed).

Important: the float only indicates the maximum water level, it does not indicate the low level. To fully enjoy your Véritable® garden’s autonomy, wait for the LEDs to blink before filling the reservoir.


You can use non-softened tap water or rainwater.

 No softened water: it is fulled of sodium, which can affect the growth of plants.

No demineralized water: minerals are essential for the good development of plants.


The Véritable® garden is autonomous up to 4 weeks.

The autonomy of the reservoir may vary depending on the size of your plants and the temperature of your room.

This is how the autonomy of the Véritable® garden evolves:

1) New Lingots®: 4 weeks

2) Young plants: 2 to 3 weeks

3) Adult plants: 1 week

Before you leave, be sure to fill the reservoir of your Véritable® garden maximun. Harvest your spices before leaving, so they will consume less water.


Your garden is designed to be used indoors, in your kitchen, living room, or any other well-ventilated room, at a temperature between 19°C and 30°C. The temperature of your room and the humidity rate influence the growth of your plants. The hotter it is, the faster your plants will grow.

The garden does not need sunshine to work, so there is no need to put it near a window. You can even place it in a room without a window. Avoid placing it in a veranda in summer, near a radiator, an air conditioning, a source of pollution (eg laundry room). We do not recommend its use in a bedroom: its bright lighting lit 16h per day may disturb you.

Place it on a flat, stable surface near a power point.


We advise you to clean your garden every 4 to 6 months, when you renew your Lingots®. You can clean the reservoir and lid by hand with soapy water and a soft sponge. If your water is chalky, use warm white vinegar to descale.

Never immerse the reservoir, lighting poles or power adapter in water.

The Lingot® baskets and the float can be placed in the dishwasher, taking care to remove the watering wicks first.


Your Véritable® garden is guaranteed 2 years.

The germination of your Lingots® is also guaranteed: if more than one third of your Lingot® has not grown after 20 days, please send us a photo.

For any request, please contact our customer service. 


Lingots® are patented 100% biodegradable and compostable refills.

They are guaranteed GMO-free and pesticide-free.

The Lingot® contains:

  • a natural soiless media adapted to hydroponics
  • pre-sown organic seeds
  • essential nutrients

The substrate is made of coconut fibers (peatless). This plant-based material is a renewable resources. The honeycombed texture of Lingot® enables optimal rooting and oxygenation, which guarantees a fast and healthy growth of your plants.

The majority of the seeds we use are certified organic, some are untreated (to know which one, look at the description of each Lingot®).

The nutrients integrated in the substrate are made of minerals and elements essential for growth and assimilated directly by plants. They are dosed precisely so that the plant uses them entirely during its life cycle.


Thanks to the Véritable® garden technology, plants grow 2 to 3 times faster than in a garden. Some plants can be harvested from 3 weeks.

The speed of growth depends on the species and the temperature of your room.

For germination and growth time, refer to the Lingot® packaging, or visit the Lingot® page on our online shop.


Once planted, a Lingot® enables you to harvest your herbs generously for 4 to 6 months. Indeed, after each harvest your plant grows back!

The duration of a Lingot® depends on each species and how you harvest.

To know the life cycle of each Lingot® refer to the packaging of the Lingot®, or visit the Lingot® page on our online shop.

After 4 to 6 months, depending on its condition, you can compost your plant, or transplant outdoors.


You can keep your Lingots® for up to 1 year from the date of purchase before using them.

Store them in a cool, dry place, in their original packaging. The ideal is to place them in an airtight box in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator.

It is recommended to use your Lingots® in the year of purchase for maximum efficiency. Delayed germination rate may drop.


Thanks to the performance of the Véritable® garden, you will harvest on average one bouquet of aromatics per week for 4 to 6 months.

The quantity you will harvest is therefore much higher than a traditional pot of herbs.

In addition, thanks to our specific lighting, the plants of your Véritable® garden have pronounced tastes, you do not need to use as much as usual to obtain the desired seasoning.

In a Véritable Lingot®, you harvest up to 4 times more than with other home gardens, the cultivation surface of the Lingot® is 3 to 10 times bigger and its lifespan is longer.

Depending on the type of plant, the temperature of your home, the humidity rate and the way you harvest your plants, the amount harvested may vary.


As they do not share the same soil, all your plants are compatible with each other. However, for optimal growth, follow these 5 tips by referring to the indication on the packaging of each Lingot®:

1/ Arrange side by side plants of similar species

2/ Arrange side by side plants of similar size

3/ Arrange side by side plants of similar growth speed

4/ Prune the plants that shade the others so that each one accesses the light correctly

5/ Adjust the height of the lighting and harvest your plants in the aim to respect a space of at least 4 cm between the plant and the LEDs


Your herbs need to be pruned and harvested regularly to give you the best.

To properly harvest your plants and allow them to regrow each time, follow these 3 tips:

1/ Wait for the plant to make at least 10-15 cm before the first harvest.

2/ Harvest at the most 1/3 of the plant each time, not to weaken it.

3/ Collect the oldest leaves first (usually the biggest ones)

And do not forget to harvest just before consuming for optimal freshness!


Indoors, bees and other insects are not present to serve the pollination of your flowers as in nature. In addition, the draught in your home may not be enough to carry the pollen from the stamen to the pistil (in your Véritable® plants, these two parts are contained in the same flower).

It is therefore necessary to manually pollinate your flowers!


The nutrients integrated in the Lingots® are used to nourish the plant so that it grows. All plants need mineral elements, they are essential for their growth.

In our Lingots® we use mineral salts similar to those found in nature (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) directly assimilated by plants and compatible with our hydroponic system. In any case, these nutrients are transformed by the plant. Unlike pesticides, you do not find them in your plate!

For example, mineral nitrogen is transformed by the plant into amino acids, then proteins, essential for your diet and that of animals.


The Véritable® garden has been designed as a global technology that makes growing plants as simple as possible. Lingots® are therefore an integral part of this autonomous and efficient system, and are specifically adapted to our passive hydroponic system.

Using something else than Lingots® in the Véritable® garden is not viable for these simple reasons:

1/ Unlike the potting soil, the Lingots®' substrate is specifically developed to assure optimum oxygenation and root anchoring in a small space. It acts as a sponge compatible with our capillary irrigation system allowing an ideal humidity level at all times.

2/ The Lingot® already incorporates nutrients adapted to the needs of each plant, allowing regular harvests for a period of 4 to 6 months.

3/ The varieties of plants that we propose have been selected for their pronounced tastes, their productivity and their adult size adapted to the dimensions of the Véritable® garden.

With these Lingots®, you can grow your plants in a simple and clean way. No need to have a green thumb to succeed!

I have an issue with my garden, what can I do?

If you can not find the answer to your problem in the Problems and Solutions section of the user manual, please contact ourcustomer service

Why is the lighting blue and white?

The energy-efficient LED grow lights of the Véritable® garden comes from 2 years of research & development. The combination of high-performance white and blue LEDs enables photosynthesis, develops the flavors of the plants, while accelerating the growth to provide you with a maximum harvest.

These LEDs are also associated with optical lenses that focus the light on the plants for even more efficiency and a neat design.

Does the Véritable® garden stay switched on all the time?

Your Véritable® garden turns on and off automatically every day, which makes it very energy efficient and easy to use. 

It is still plugged in, but the light turns on for 16h and then goes off for 8h.

How to adjust the lighting cycle?

CLASSIC and SMART gardens :

The lights turn on every day at the time you've connected your garden the first time.

E.g.: if you connect at 7:00, it will turn on at 7:00 every morning and turn off at 23:00.

To change the time: unplug the AC adapter for 10 seconds, and then plug it in at the desired time.

CONNECT garden :

​With the mobile app, you can entirely configure the lighting cycle that's right for you. You are alerted if the lighting duration chosen is not optimal.

Why are there 2 adjustable lighting poles?

The Véritable® garden has two independent, height-adjustable lighting poles, giving you the possibility to grow plants of different sizes and at different stages of growth.

Growth rate and lifespan depend on each species. Thanks to the two independently adjustable poles, you can place new Lingots® on one side of the garden while keeping adult plants on the other.

Does this artificial lighting not affect the taste and nutritional value of my plants?

No, it’s the opposite ! Your plants have an intense flavor because we have developed a LED lighting system that provides them with a specific light spectrum to develop their taste. This technology provides light output close to sunlight and allows for ideal plant growth in all seasons.

In addition, their nutritional value is optimal because they are untreated herbs that you consume freshly harvested.

What is the lifespan of the lighting?

The Véritable® LED lighting system has a lifespan of 60,000 hours, 10 years in normal operation (at 16 hours of lighting per day). You do not need to replace it.

After 10 years of use, the lighting will not go out, but the light intensity will gradually decrease. However, if necessary, spare parts can be obtained from Véritable®.

On which operating systems is the application available?

The Veritable®App is available on iOs and Android. It has been developed to be used on smartphone. The iOS app is compatible with all iPhone models with iOS 9.0 minimum. The App has not been developed for iPad, however it is possible to find it by searching for Apps for iPhone. The Android App is compatible with all Android models from Android 5.0. The Veritable®App is only compatible with the CONNECT Véritable®garden.

In which languages is the application available?

The application is available in French and English.

I can’t find the App on Google Play or the Apple Store. How to do?

In the search bar, type "Véritable" or "potager Véritable" to find the app.

Do I have to log into my Véritable® CONNECT garden via the App for it to work?

You can use your CONNECT Véritable®garden with or without the App. The App enables you to enjoy many benefits. Consult the product sheet of Véritable®CONNECT garden for more information.

The manual says that I have to connect within 15 minutes after turning on the garden. What does that mean?

After plugging in your Véritable®CONNECT garden, you have 15 minutes to connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. If you have exceeded this time of 15 minutes, simply unplug the garden and wait 20 seconds before reconnecting and try again to connect to your smartphone. Once the App recognizes your garden, you can connect to it at any time provided you are near the garden and have activated Bluetooth.

I can't connect to my Véritable® CONNECT garden. What to do?

If  this is your first time connecting to your Véritable® CONNECT garden, please log in within 15 minutes after power up the garden. If the 15 minutes are exceeded, simply unplug your garden and wait 20 seconds before plug-in it again.

If you have previously logged in to your Véritable® CONNECT garden via the App, check that your garden is connected. Do not hesitate to unplug it and reconnect it.

Only one user can be simultaneously connected to the garden. If another user is logged in, he must log out the App so you can log in to your account.

If you use Android, make sure you have activated the GPS function of your smartphone to ensure the proper functioning of the App. Once you have activated the GPS function, unplug your Véritable® CONNECT garden, wait 20 seconds, plug it and try to connect again. You can also try to connect your garden with another smartphone. Don't forget to update your smartphone software to make sure it's compatible with our App. If the problem persists, contact our customer service.

Is there a signal to tell me that I am connected to the garden?

When you connect to your Véritable®CONNECT garden, the App tells you that you are logged in and you are accessing the app. At the same time, the garden will flash 3 times to indicate that the connection between the garden and the phone is established.

Can I connect to several users on the Véritable® CONNECT garden?

Several phones can connect to a single Véritable®CONNECT garden but one phone at a time. Information from the garden (Lingots®in the garden, lighting configuration, etc.) is saved in the App. Each person who connects to the garden gets back everything.

How far can I connect to my Véritable® garden?

The Véritable®CONNECT garden works in Bluetooth. The connection between your Véritable®garden and your smartphone is possible between 0 and 20 meters. It depends on the configuration of your apartment or house (wall thickness), the water level, the size of the plants, etc.

If I go on vacation, can I be alerted to the lack of water in my Véritable® garden?

The Véritable®CONNECT garden works in Bluetooth, which means that you have to be close to the garden to be connected to it. If you are on holiday away from your garden, the connection with the garden will not be possible and the water level alert will not be able to go up on the app.

My Véritable® garden is flashing blue while it should be off. What is going on ?

This is the water level alarm. Whether you are in the lighting cycle or outside, your garden informs you when there is no more water.

If I unplug and reconnect my Véritable® CONNECT garden, should I do something special?

Yes, you need to connect to the App. This action enables the garden to recover the lighting cycle you have set.

What is the difference between comfort and performance mode?

We have developed 2 lighting modes to offer you more flexibility and comfort of use.

With the comfort mode, the SAVORYLIGHTTM LED grow lighting is softer at the beginning and end of the cycle. For example, if your lighting cycle is scheduled from 7am to 11pm, you will benefit from a warmer light in the early morning (7am to 9am) and late evening (9pm to 11pm). This does not alter the growth of the plants.

With the performance mode, the SAVORYLIGHTTM LED grow lighting operates normally with a constant light intensity for optimal growing performance.

Regardless of the mode you choose, the SAVORYLIGHTTM is very energy-efficient. It consumes an average of 12W when it is turned on. This represents 58 kWh of electricity per year, or about 10 euros of electricity per year.

Am I obliged to keep the default name VERITABLEXXXXXXX?

It is possible to rename your Véritable® CONNECT garden by the name of your choice.

To rename it, go to the menu on the home screen, click on Settings then VERITABLEXXXXXXX and rename your garden. This name is unique to each user. Each user of the same garden can customize the name of the garden.

When the Véritable® CONNECT garden has no water, it blinks only in blue and the white LEDs are off. Is this normal?

Yes, when there is no more water, on the Véritable® CONNECT garden, the water level warning is indicated by a blinking blue LED. The white LEDs are off unlike the CLASSIC and SMART gardens. Refill with water and all the LEDs will come on again.

If your garden continues to blink when there is water, contact us.

The app tells me that I need to replace my Lingot® even though it is still healthy. What should I do?

The App is based on an algorithm that we have developed and which wants to be as accurate as possible for each species. It is possible that there is a slight gap between what is really happening in your garden and what the App indicates. Several factors can influence the period (temperature, humidity, geographical area). It's up to you to see if you need to replace your Lingot®: when your plant does not produce enough, it does not grow again after the harvest or if its taste is less tasty.